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Whether you are a party to an IP licensing deal, a SaaS contract, or a development agreement, Gashpar, LLC, can draft, review and negotiate these and other contracts germane to the technology industry, thus ensuring your interests are protected and risks mitigated.

H.R. & Employment

A properly structured employment offer or agreement for a key member of the team can provide for stability and continuation in the event of separation. Gashpar, LLC, can draft and negotiate with potential candidates, as well as evaluate any agreements they may have with past employers. Mr. Gashpar can also help structure and prepare any equity incentive documents you may wish to implement for your employees. 

Retail or Manufacturing

Gashpar, LLC, can support your entire supply chain with properly structured contracts with manufacturers, distributors and resellers. Be protected at every step of your business. 

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

When it’s time to collaborate, Gashpar, LLC, will ensure your IP is protected with a simple, effective NDA or letter of intent. And when it’s time to seal the deal, Mr. Gashpar will draft and negotiate the collaboration, joint venture or independent contractor agreement. Properly structured partnership agreements can become attractive assets during a merger or acquisition. Potential partners or acquirers prefer to see certain terms in key-asset agreements. Gashpar, LLC, can review future key agreements with the eye toward any future deals, helping your business not only create strong partnerships, but also valuable assets.

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