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Corporate Formation

What is the best structure for you? A corporation, an LLC, or a limited partnership? The choice may seem difficult, but with proper guidance, outlining the pros and cons of each, the right decision will be easy to make. Gashpar, LLC, will draft and file your articles of organization and operating agreements.

Corporate Governance

Once your organization is formed, corporate law dictates you must maintain certain formalities and records, such as an annual shareholders’ meeting, and annual Secretary of State filings. These can be hard to prioritize and keep track of while trying to start and run a new business. Gashpar, LLC, makes it easy by keeping you on track with your corporate governance needs. Your minutes are always organized and filings are done timely on your behalf. 

HR and Employment

California employment law is perhaps the most complex in the nation, and establishing proper HR and employment practices early on can help avoid costly litigation, or worse – government action, in the future. Gashpar, LLC, can provide guidance to ensure your hiring/termination practices comport with the legal requirements, as well as evaluate your reporting and training programs. 

Outside Counsel Management

Should the need arise to hire specialized outside counsel, Gashpar, LLC, can help in evaluating such counsel and managing the ongoing relationships to ensure the work is completed in a timely, and economical manner.

Legal Updates

Laws change frequently, and while most likely do not impact your business, some undoubtedly will. You have the option to receive updates whenever potentially impactful legal changes take effect. Stay on top of your industry by looking ahead.

Notary Services

Mr. Gashpar is a California licensed Notary Public.

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