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Vitaly Gashpar is a 2008 graduate of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. He began his career in the litigation department of Robbins, Salomon & Patt, handling a variety of commercial and other matters. However, soon after being licensed in Illinois, the shores of California beckoned, and after passing the California Bar Exam in 2009, Vitaly moved to San Francisco in 2010.


For seven and a half years, he has served as General Counsel of RockTape, Inc. (acq. by Implus Footcare, LLC), managing all of its legal affairs, as well as advising on numerous key business decisions in the U.S. and abroad. Vitaly understands the legal needs of small- and medium-size businesses and startups and can deliver results effectively and efficiently. 

Additionally, Vitaly is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and French.

Education & Licenses

B.S., University of Illinois in Chicago (2005) -Cum Laude         

B.A., University of Illinois in Chicago (2005) -Cum Laude          

J.D., The John Marshall Law School (2008)                     


Licensed in:                             

California (2009)                           

Illinois (2008 – Inactive)

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